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We use postbacks to let your server know about successful conversions. You can use this information to reward your users and track your revenue.


Your Postback URL is your server endpoint that expects calls from our server. An example Postback URL might look like this:{user_id}&amount={amount}&payout={payout}&transaction_id={transaction_id}&user_ip={user_ip}&subid={subid}&offerid={offerid}&offername={offername}


The following macros are available and will be replaced dynamically when sending you the postback:
Unique User Identifier
Reward in App Currency
Reward in US-$
Unique Transaction ID
User's IP Address
Offer ID
Offer Name
You can use the Unique Transaction ID to make sure that you don't credit rewards twice.


In order to ensure the integrity of the postbacks, you can whitelist our server IP. Postbacks are exclusively sent from this IP address:


Please return status code 200, if you have successfully processed the postback. If we receive any other status code as a response, we will retry sending the postback in 1 minute intervals with a maximum of 10 tries.