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Why Make Money?

Millions of users are earning rewards with the Make Money Offerwall. Find out, why our technology can boost your revenue.

Reasons to Integrate

(1) Policy Compliance ✅

Most offerwalls on the market violate Google Play Policies. Easy for them, since it is not their apps at risk. We have heard from dozens of developers that have lost their accounts forever, because they chose to integrate non-compliant offerwalls. The Make Money Offerwall is different, as we are app publishers ourselves. For us, it is front and center to have the most compliant offerwall on the market. This means strict ad labelling and the careful selection of offers to be compliant with Google's Policy on Incentivized Installs.

(2) Bidding System 🔨

Your users can get higher payouts with us than with your existing offer partners. We have built a bidding system that automatically routes your traffic to the campaign that maximizes your revenue.

(3) Offer Ranking Algorithm 🥇

Showing the optimal task to the right user is the key to your success. That’s why we have developed an algorithm that is trained on the over 100 million offer interactions that we have recorded so far.

(4) Creatives 🖼️

Through direct advertiser relations, we have access to unique offer creatives beyond simple icons, to grab the attention of your users. All text is localized in 31 languages.

(5) User Support 🆘

We handle any questions from your users about offers on our wall. If automatic reward tracking ever fails, your users submit screenshots that we forward to the advertiser to get your users the payouts they deserve - reclaiming revenue that would have otherwise been lost for you and increasing user retention.

(6) Easy Integration 👍

No SDK required. Fully customizable offerwall design.

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